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So, we should always respect our family and love them. The Indian people still keep intact the family attachment and live their traditional morality.

Joint Family Culture in India: Meaning, Characteristics, Merits, Demerits

Family structure[ edit ] Historically, for generations India had a prevailing tradition of the Joint family Hindu Family or undivided family. In Joint family of the joint families, women are not allowed to work Joint family.

India today has been greatly influenced in her social outlook by western thought and ideology. The concept became quite popular in the United States as the area of the States started expanding and a need to extend the civilization was felt.

It secures the advantages of the division of labour. It means that the joint family system under modern influence is weakening. This will bring down the burden from the parents. If joint family system has received the highest praise for its many advantages, it has no less been vehemently denounced.

They restrict to the whole member by their power and functions. As the number of joint families is decreasing, this is giving birth to other forms of family like nuclear family, single parent family etc. A son after marriage does not usually separate himself from the parents but continues to stay with them under the same roof messing together and holding property in common.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice?

Such participation keeps the joint family feelings alive. The nature of relationship also varies. Festival enjoyments When the family is lives together, then Joint family every festival creates so much pleasure and brings much happiness. Every member of the family has equal obligations.

It is no doubt true that the system once considered the pillar of stability is finding it difficult to withstand the dizzying pace of social mobility Joint family the transformation of values. They eat the same food and wear the same type of clothes. These are still common in several parts of the world, such as India, China, African nations, and even Arab nations.

They celebrate all the festivals and social functions jointly. Every moment of any festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc. In some of the joint family such sons never get distant after marriage from their family, he lives together with their wife and children among the another family member on the one roof.

If we look through our past then we can see that maximum family was joint family. Actually these pros Joint family cons are nothing but the behavior, comfort and suitability of individuals in the family type.

The joint family system encourages litigation, for at the time of partition of common property generally disputes crop up which are not settled without a recourse being taken to law. With the establishment of new factories in urban areas workers from the villages move to the cities which breaks the joint family.

Their life is just about the household chores. Every person has different personality, opinions and the way to understand things which may create conflict.

A joint family also provides excellent human company, and things such as materialism, negative psychology, sadistic thoughts, dearth of acceptance by another human, are absent.

The family has joint property and every person has his share in it since the time he is born. Every moment of any festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc. Joint family can be defined as a place or unit where the grandparents, father, mother, sons, daughters, grandchildren, uncles, aunts stay together.

A joint family is an undivided family. Many members involve in the joint family where such as the one generation live together in an ordinary house. A joint family is that family where some persons are living with together such as grandparents, father, mother, and children under the one roof.

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Joint family, family in which members of a unilineal descent group (a group in which descent through either the female or the male line is emphasized) live together with their spouses and offspring in one homestead and under the authority of one of the members.

A family when lives together with all family members up to 2nd generation like grand parents, parents, uncle, aunts and their children is called a joint family.

The importance of joint family is understood by the Indians since time immemorial. Short Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of Joint Family. It can be defined as a place or unit where the grandparents, father, mother.

Difference between Joint Family and Nuclear Family Joint family
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Joint family | Advantages and Disadvantages in Joint Family | Short Essay