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The application of biotechnology to food and agriculture can bring not only potential risks and benefits as any technology can, but also concerns about the human dimensions coupled with biotechnology.

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Mission We intend to frequently modernize our dexterity and cultivate our standards to deliver exceptional quality journals in all fields of expertise. Our finding tells us that the high variance of the transitory component tends to be short lived. The sample of the study consisted of daily historical stock data of the three multinational companies from Yahoo Finance, a month before and a month after the announcement of the November 7,No Using Event Global journal of business Global journal of business research to Evaluate Stock Market Return Performance This research used event study methodology to evaluate stock market return performance of three multinational companies using three historical events.

The objective of this investigation is to explore the effect training and development TD practice of human resource management HRM on organizational citizenship behavior OCB e. Our internationally recognized publishing program incorporates wide array of disciplines from computer science to management and medical sciences.

In a recent webinar that discussed the latest results of the annual Scientific American Worldview report, panellists were especially excited by the partnering opportunities in Brazil.

Several companies including Amyris, BP, Dow Chemical, DuPont, and Novozymes came together to launch for promote dialogue with stakeholders, policy makers, and the public about advancing industrial biotechnology in USA. The journals serve the entire research community including practitioners, researchers, educators, and students.

Our mission is to provide a quality research publication venue for academic authors from academic institutions of all research-levels. It involves the use of a scaffold for the formation of new viable tissue for a medical purpose. Also, since many of its products do not require the lengthy review times that drug products must undergo, it's a quicker, easier pathway to the market.

Fast response, rapid review and fast publication: This study investigates the determinants of customer relationship marketing in banking industry with respondents. This study is out to examine the effect of working capital The conference will provide opportunities for publishing researcher's paper as well as providing opportunities to view other's work.

This leads to face more difficulties in the life of working women in order to be more effective in their dual life while the working men have less pressure comparing with working women.

Journal of Business Research

These reported inadequacies among financial managers is still evident today in eneo Cameroun in the form of high bad debts, high inventory cost etc. Substantial developments include algorithm designing for efficient storage and management of genomic and proteomic data generated through the studies carried out on plant, animal or human genomes.

This sound rationale holds great potential and promise in the field of medical biotechnology. Agricultural biotechnology can also include production of plants such as orchids for ornamental purposes and plants that can be used for fuel production biofuels.

But ATMs themselves have as a result become subjects of large service demands which directly t Primary and secondary data were used to cond There are potentialities in industry for innovating, designing, and developing new technologies; in academia furthering research and pushing the frontiers of what is medically possible as well as implementing, testing and developing new diagnostic tools and medical equipment; and in government for establishing safety standards for medical devices.

The Global Business, Management, IT, Economics, Marketing, MIS, Finance, and Healthcare Management Research Conference, Tokyo reserves the rights to amend, modify, add to, or delete its rules, policies, and procedures affecting its institutional relationship with authors contributors as deemed necessary by the administration.

Journal of Business Research

Agricultural biotechnology companies work to supply farmers with tools to increase the yield of plant and animal products, while lowering the costs of production. Environmental biotechnology has been shown to play a significant role in agroecology in the form of zero waste agriculture and most significantly through the operation of over 15 million biogas digesters worldwide.

Studying sea plants and animals is a challenge that is becoming easier due to advanced technologies such as deep-sea submersibles, sonar, lasers, videos, and satellites. Global Journal of Management and Business Research | Read articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for the Editors and Reviewers. The Editors and all peer reviewers of the Readings Book of the Global Business and Technology Association adhere to the code of conduct and best practice guidelines stated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) during the peer review process in research publication.

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