Finnish labor law

Employment terms included in the normative clauses of a collective agreement become automatically and with obligatory effect applicable within employment relationships covered by the agreement.

Collective bargaining agreements play a vital role in Finnish working life. The Finnish labour market is characterised by a high level of organisation for both employers and employees.

Employment & Labour Law | Finland

Consequences of a transfer of employee Employees retain all the rights and obligations they had in the service of their previous employer before a transfer of the business.

The Parliament is a unicameral body consisting of two hundred Representatives. In addition, the maximum length and the obligation to pay compensation for the non-competition undertaking are regulated.

However, collective agreements typically contain detailed provisions covering this. Worker participation at the enterprise level is based on the Co-operation Within Undertakings Actthe Act on the Representation of the Personnel in the Administration of Enterprisesand the Act on Personnel Funds Other foreign nationals must generally first obtain a visa and a worker residence permit to entitle them to work in Finland.

In this respect it should be recalled that until the early 19th Century, Finland was ruled by Sweden, which explains that Civil Law in Finland is to a large extent influenced by Swedish Law.

The preparatory works of the provision reveal that the security of this method had been under consideration. Labour regulation The structure and role of the Finnish labour regulation reflects many of the central features of the so called Nordic model of industrial relations.

Employment and employee benefits in Finland: overview

Under the Hours of Work Act, working time includes the time actually worked and the time the employee is obliged to be at the work-site at the disposal of the employer. If the contract is made for a fixed term shorter than eight months, only half of the contract term may consist of a trial period.

Employment & Labour Law | Finland

In addition to the rules on general job protection, to be discussed below in more detail, the Employment Contracts Act contains provisions which guarantee special protection to certain groups of employees, such as employee representatives, pregnant women or employees using their right to family leaves.

The Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland Akava watches over the interests ofprofessional and managerial employees. Protections What protections do employees have on dismissal. The employer must ensure that all foreign workers either have or do not require a worker residence permit.

In addition, many working-life-related government proposals are pending or will enter into force during These will be discussed later. An industry-wide agreement may refer certain issues to be solved locally, or allow derogation from its contents by means of local agreements. Finnish Labour Law & Non-union Dispute Resolution.

Jump Down to: Finnish Employment Law; Non-union Dispute Resolution in Finland; Related Links; Finnish Employment Law. Relevant Acts The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for drafting and consideration of labour legislation.

Finnish employment law provides pregnant employees and employees on family leave with enhanced protection against dismissal. Further, an employee has the right to be absent from work due to sickness.

Find out what the basic employment law in Finland is from our short and practical guide to Finland's employment regulations. This Guide to Law Online Finland contains a selection of Finnish legal, juridical, and governmental sources accessible through the Internet.

Links provide access to primary documents, legal commentary, and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics. Non-union Dispute Resolution in Finland If you are a member of a Finnish union see Trade Unions: Dispute Resolution If you are not a union member and your employment sector is not bound by a collective agreement, which could therefore be resolved in Labour Court, your terms of employment are still dictated and protected by Finnish.

Finnish Labour Law & Non-union Dispute Resolution

Finnish employment law provides pregnant employees and employees on family leave with enhanced protection against dismissal. Further, an employee has the right to be absent from work due to sickness.

Finnish labor law
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